It can be done better. You know it. We know it.

But it takes a team to listen, understand the problem, and execute on the shared vision.

When you are ready to spark that idea and push your product and company forward, contact the team you can trust to get it right.


Grant Norwitz

Co-founder, President

Grant is an experienced executive who has lead innovative teams in markets ranging from aviation to telecom to medical products. His decades of entrepreneurship and manufacturing have instilled in him an uncanny ability to dissect and analyze new products and business ventures, and apply the most effective and reasoned approach to help guide the way forward. When he isn’t flying his helicopter, he might be found in an iFly indoor skydiving tunnel, or supporting his talented children in their next pursuit.

Alex Hwang

Director of Engineering

Alex is a seasoned Mechanical Engineer-of-all-trades, using his extensive experience in the consumer product and outdoor gear markets to bring the best solutions to bear regardless of the challenge. His enthusiasm, creativity, patience and dogged persistence ensure that your project stays on track and visible, while maintaining proper timelines, budgetary constraints, and functionality. An avid marksman and shooting sports enthusiast, his focus and clarity help keep him on target, whether at the range or while building the next prototype. Alex is a certified Solidworks Professional and has in-depth experience with Finite Element Analysis and CNC programming and operation.

Our Culture

Sparksy is a magnetic workforce that attracts positive thinkers and adventurers. They work out of passion and curiosity to discover the next great invention and business model. Product development isn’t for the faint-of-heart, requiring courage and an oversized tolerance of risk. Because of this, Sparksy has attracted a gregarious core of skydivers, motorcyclists, musicians and adventurers. Complacency is not an option… luckily invention and business are for the unsatisfied few who know they can do it better, and can’t seem to sit still until the right solution is found.

Do something new. Build that company. Invent that product. Refine that business model. We are here to help make it real. New is what we do.